In Photographs: Islam’s Sexual Enslavement of Whiten People.

In Photographs: Islam’s Sexual Enslavement of Whiten People.

Raymond Ibrahim, American Thinker, September 21, 2020.

Cautioning: Orientalist paintings portraying female nudity follow.

Just last year, a governmental gathering in Germany triggered debate whenever it made use of the following paint within the election marketing campaign to describe a primary reason it had been against immigration.

Colored in France in 1866 and called “Slave sector,” the painting was actually referred to as “show[ing] a black colored, evidently Muslim slave broker showing a naked young woman with a great deal lighter skin to a group of guys for assessment,” most likely in North Africa.

The Alternative for Germany group (AfD) post a number of prints of your paint making use of the motto, “So that European countries won’t get Eurabia.” A lot of on both side associated with Atlantic are triggered by this utilization; perhaps even the North american art gallery in which the initial decorating was situated delivered AfD a letter “insisting that they cease and desist in making use of this artwork” (even though it is inside the community area).