046 – Unique Coded Dates (R). FIELD DEFINITION AND RANGE

046 – Unique Coded Dates (R). FIELD DEFINITION AND RANGE

Dates which can be linked to the entity described into the record. Included in these are:

For someone: an individual’s date of delivery, date of death, as well as the date or date array of the individuals amount of activity.


For a business human anatomy: a date or number of times by which a meeting, etc., is held, or a romantic date with that your business human anatomy is otherwise connected ( ag e.g., date of establishment, date of termination, amount of task ).

For a family group: a substantial date connected using the household.

For a work or phrase: see subfield $k (start or solitary date developed).

The time and date are recorded in accordance with Representations of Dates and instances (ISO 8601) within the pattern yyyy, yyyy-mm, or yyyymmdd (4 for the 2 for the month, and 2 for the day) unless subfield $2 (Source of date) specifies another date scheme year.



  • Both indicator roles are undefined; each contains a blank (#).